Wild West Lighting

Charlotte,  NC

Quality Equipment and Service to Quality Customers for over 30 Years.

Conventional Fixtures  (All Models)   
Automated Fixtures (All Models)
LED Fixtures (CK Color Blast, Slim Par Pro, Freedom Par)
Consoles (Hog 4, Hog 500, ETC Element, ETC Express 250, ETC Smartfade ML, ETC Smartfade 12/24/48/96)
Dimmers (Tree packs, ETC 12 x 2.4k, 24 x 2.4k, 48 x 2.4k)
Power Distributions (All configurations)
Distribution Cable (4/0, 2/0, #2)
Power Cable (Stage Pin, L6-20, Socapex, Powercon, Edison)
Data Cable (3 pin, 4 pin, Ram, 5 pin)
‚ÄčAdapters (MED, FED, Twofer, Threefer, Quad, L6-20, L5-20, Many others)
Truss (12" and 20.5" Applied and Tomcat) (All lengths)
Hoists (CM 1 ton, 1/2 ton Chain Motors, Hurricane chain falls)
Rigging (Span Sets, GAC Flex, Wire Rope, Stac Chain, Shackles, Pear Rings)
Special Effects (Strobes, Fog/Smoke, Color Changers, Mirror Balls, Gobo Rotators)


Our professionally maintained warehouse/prep facility is home to the industrys finest Theatrical Lighting Rental Equipment. Large inventory, latest technology, professional grade and maintaining youth in our equipment.